Red Frocktober – Projects in Progress

I thought I’d show you the two projects on my sewing table today.  There are two because I have run out of interfacing for the one project, so started on the other until I can go shopping!  I was sure I had more interfacing somewhere, but the sewing cupboard gremlins must have stolen it away.

So, first up is what will be my first submission for Frocktober on The Monthly Stitch.  It also doubles as an entry for Red October, started by the Sewcialists.  This is the 2nd time I’m using this pattern.  The first dress can be seen in the header image above.  Belle loved it so much I promised I’d make one for her to keep.  She chose the fabric, which is exactly the same as the ecru & dark navy in the header, but she got all racy & chose the red!  She also chose the reverse colourway for the collar & wide belt.  The pattern is Simplicity 2971 & I guess it’s mid 50s.  There is no date anywhere to be found on the envelope or the instruction sheet.

1950s Simplicity 2971 & red & white spot cotton

1950s Simplicity 2971 & red & white spot cotton

So I have got as far as I can without interfacing for the collar.  The skirt is made, the sleeves are made & the facings done.  I just need to get it all put together now.  Hopefully it should all be done by 4pm tomorrow afternoon &, weather permitting, we can take some more fabulous photos!

So, while I twiddle my thumbs & Belle starts making poppies for raising money for the British Legion, I have cut this out…

Simplicity 2381 & blue & white floral cotton

Simplicity 2381 & blue & white floral cotton

The cotton we got while on holiday in Cornwall in August.  There is a little shop in Bude called the Remnant House (unfortunately they are not online) that I found on a slightly inclement day.  I spent about 20 minutes there and came out with two bulging bags of STUFF!!  😀  It really didn’t take long for me to find what I liked!  Anyhoo, I think this blouse will look really cute in this more modern fabric.  It’s already cut & tailor tacked so I can start sewing once I’m finished typing this!

But perhaps I’ll feed the family first…   :s




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