Love is Like a Red, Red Rose

1954 mcCalls 8486

1954 mcCalls 8486

A teeny-weeny change of plans!  Remember that gorgeous red rose Liberty print I wafted in front of your noses & eyeses a couple of posts back?  And the cute Butterick blouse pattern it was destined to be made in?  Yeah.  It didn’t happen.  Mostly because I didn’t check how much fabric I had before allocating a pattern!  I bought that city poplin a good 5 years ago from my local fabric shop & I have a feeling it was to be a skirt of some sort for one of the girls.  Somehow it never got made, & neither of them was terribly keen on it when I asked, so I figured I could play with it.  There was only just 1.2m.  Never enough for a 3/4 sleeve blouse, & very nearly not enough for any of these either – but…

See all those tucks down the fronts of the blouses?   I folded them away.  I know, I know, a major design detail & I killed it!  But – with this print you just wouldn’t have read the tucks.  And there would be no way of making the blouse with them in, so they were sacrificed.   I don’t think it turned out too badly either, but judge for yourself!  🙂

McCalls 8486 in Liberty city poplin

McCalls 8486 in Liberty city poplin

Apart from the lack of front tucks, the blouse is all as it should be.  There are dart tucks front & back to provide the classic 50s shaping to the hip & waist area while the remainder of the blouse has more ease.  The hem on the short sleeves is bound with a green cotton bias & handstitched into place.  I quite like the little glimpse of colour.  I hit it lucky with the buttons – they were a chance find in a local charity shop.  Gorgeous little pearly domes peak out between red stiched buttonholes down the centre front.

The print really rocks in the bright sunlight!

The print really rocks in the bright sunlight!

Alas, no Belle in this photoshoot.  This is one of the bigger patterns in my collection & would have swamped poor Belle!  I again had to persuade my good friend to be my model.  I hope to get her more comfortable in front of the camera by bribing her with high quality chocolates.  It should work – don’t you think?

McCalls 8486

I’m on a bit of a roll with Liberty fabrics at the moment!  I am really lucky that my local fabric shop has a pretty decent collection of Liberty stuffs, from Tana Lawn at £14/metre through to Veruna Wool at a more twitchy price.  There is a piece of fine cotton corduroy I have my eyes on at the moment.  I think it would make the most perfect winter dress in one of my 1940s patterns!  What I love about this city poplin though is it’s crispness.  It has the most wonderful handle.

Construction details

Construction details

So here are the close-ups.  The green bias in the sleeve, the stitched & pinked seams & double turned hem.  And, of course, those little buttons!  I like a little detail at the buttonholes, so decided to do a double end.  It’s a detail I use a bit, & I think looks good with a contrast thread too.

So what’s the verdict?  Did I kill it with the removal of the tucks, or is this still a cute & very wearable blouse?  I’m keen to see it on someone with a full skirt – in red, of course!  😀  And don’t worry about that Butterick 3/4 sleeve blouse – I’ve used it for something else!  In Liberty fabric again – naturally!

So if you have just the thing to wear with it, nip into my Etsy shop & snap it up!



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