Cherry Pink Roses

1953 Butterick 8097

1953 Butterick 8097

I think that not only do I have a run on Liberty fabric, but also on a blouse streak!  There are so many positives about this Butterick pattern, as there are about pretty much all the 40’s & 50’s blouses I’ve made up so far.  The shaping & fit on them is great!  I love that it doesn’t seem to matter what fabric I make them in, they always look up to date with jeans, & will look just as fabulous when styled in a “proper” vintage look.  This is my latest blouse.

1953 Butterick 8097 in Liberty Tana Lawn

1953 Butterick 8097 in Liberty Tana Lawn

I made version “B” with the 3/4 length sleeves.  The little pink rosebuds on the white ground makes this just so pretty!  I decided to go with a plain contrast for the turn-back cuffs & the collar.  The collar is drafted with the bodice, making it a shawl collar, so the front facings are all white too.  This means that no matter how far up or down you button the blouse, there will be a bit of white peeking out.  There are “proper” darts on the front to give shaping, and shaped side seams but o darts in the  back.  The blouse has a yoke across the shoulders & the back is gathered into the yoke above the shoulder blades.  This gives room to move about.  I cut the inner yoke in the white lawn too, otherwise there’d be too much of the pink rosebuds showing though.

Soft gathers across the back into the yoke.

Soft gathers across the back into the yoke.

The instructions called for a flat fell seam, but on this fabric I always use French seams.  Aren’t those cuffs cute?  They are not square or rectangular, but have points, rather like a collar.  I’m not sure there is much else to say about this pretty blouse, apart from the fact that I will definitely be making more – but then I say that about everything!  🙂

The turnback cuffs

The turnback cuffs (with goosbump covered arms!)

butterick 8097

butterick 8097

I have broken out of the 40s & 50s into the 60s for a couple of makes.  There is a gorgeous black skirt to show you soon & a white tulip-style skirted dress almost finished.  What is your favourite era?  I couldn’t pick just one, but I know I’d give the retro looks of the 80s a wide berth for the time being!  😀

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4 responses to “Cherry Pink Roses

  1. I adore Liberty fabrics. They are always such a dream with which to work. And I’m really liking these blouses you’ve been posting. The collar on this one is particularly divine! Your daughter is a beautiful model/muse.

    • Thank you! 🙂 I do love the feel of Liberty lawn, it’s just so smooth! I have a great many more gorgeous patterns in my box, & I’m expecting a nice big bundle sometime this week!

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  3. Blouse looks lovely on you! Thanks for your posts about this pattern. It’s on its way to me, and it’s great to see a photo of a finished result.

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