Velvet Trim

1955 Simplicity 1034

1955 Simplicity 1034

Sooo – November is well and truly over & here is the jacket that snuck in instead of the one I’d intended to make!  I do like this pattern – the turn back cuffs, the rounded collar.  And the cropped length…  I love these jackets that finish at the waist!

I made this jacket from a length of English wool, a navy lightweight piece with a great textural weave to it.  I opted for the lining here, because of the weight of the wool.  But not a dark lining – a light, silvery lilac-grey.  I think it’s really pretty on the inside (but then I would!).  I did look for suitable vintage buttons in the charity shops & the antique centre but to no avail.  The collar has a hand stitched black velvet trim that took forever to apply!  It’s worth it though because the jacket would have been very plain without it.  I left off the little tabs because they just looked funny – and I didn’t have small enough buttons to match the bigger ones down the front!  Next time….

I really like the dress with this pattern but lacked a suitable fabric to make something to match the jacket.  However…  Croft Mill Fabrics do have a rather pretty red, navy & white cotton that would work rather nicely.  I may just have to get a couple of metres.

Simplicity 1034 in navy wool

Simplicity 1034 in navy wool

As you can see, waist length jackets work fabulously with high waisted trousers!  These I finished last week for Belle (not a vintage pattern though!) & she loves them!


Thankfully we had a sunny day on Saturday to do the photos.  It gets really tricky to photograph when it’s grey & dull out & not everything works well with artificial light.

DSC06348-1DSC06351-1The jacket is available in my Etsy shop now!  The gorgeous bird print dress is also underway.  The bodice is complete & needs to be attached to the skirt which has had to hang for a while because the centre seams are on the bias – cue massive amounts of “dropping” to be re-aligned.  It will be finished today though!  Then I’d better get started on those December jobs, but at least the tree is up!  🙂


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