top 5 of 2013

top 5

I’m joining in the fun of reflecting on my vintage sewing makes of this year.   As I have only been doing this for less than 6 months, there aren’t that many to go through, so I’ll stick it all in one post!


One of the biggest hits was this Butterick jacket.  I’ve made 3 versions of it & I love them all.  it’s quick to make (except for all the Hong Kong seam finishes!) and looks a million dollars!

Butterick 9563 in 3 different guises

Butterick 9563 in 3 different guises

Next is a blouse with the cutest bowtie ever!  Simplicity 2381 is another I have made a couple of times.  Belle loved the first one I made so much that I made one just for her.

Simplicity 2381. Bowties are so cool I needed to make this twice!

Simplicity 2381. Bowties are so cool I needed to make this twice!

In the dresses category, this was a BIG hit!  I made the first one to sell, but Belle loved it so much I agreed to make another.  I’m sensing a trend here….

Simplicity 2971

Simplicity 2971



And so onto the projects that didn’t quite hit their mark.  I loved the sketch on the front of this next pattern envelope so much I couldn’t wait to make it up.  I don’t know if it was the fabric that didn’t work, or the combination, or that the pattern just wasn’t as fitting as the sketch made out, but for me this just doesn’t have the oompfh I though it would have.

McCalls 9818

McCalls 9818

The last one is a blouse pattern that I also really liked the look of on the envelope, and I still like it as a garment, but there is something about these (of course I made two!) that doesn’t quite work – I can’t put my finger on it.

Simplicity 4746

Simplicity 4746


I have loved making up thee and lots of other patterns from my stash & certainly intend to make more.  As I already have 2 jackets and another dress cut out & ready to go, I don’t quite have much choice!  My vintage pattern stash went from one decent size box back in May to 2 decent size boxes & one lather large one!  I really need to get proper storage sorted for them all, & find a way to keep track of them too.

I have loved seeing the work done by Rochelle at Lucky Lucille & loads more (too many more to mention them all by name) and making note of the most fabulous patterns on offer on Etsy from so many fantastic pattern sellers.  Pinterest is a fantastic place for me to keep all my ideas in one place – my head just isn’t big enough for all of them!  I’d love to be able to say I will definitely be sewing something specific in the new year, but that’s just not me!

One thing I must be careful of is not to get too carried away.  I’m a all-or-nothing kind of girl, so when I am sewing vintage patterns, I have no time for pattern cutting or using modern patterns.  Unless there’s a crunch for something in particular.  So I really need to moderate myself & make time for all sorts of sewing.  And possible make time for family & friends too….

I don’t really do set goals, I just sort of float from one thing to another, so stick with me & lets see where I float off to next!

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates, & I wish you all a happy & productive 2014.


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