Going in Circles

1960s Butterick 4360 in linen & cotton

1960s Butterick 4360 in linen & cotton

I’ve had some pretty annoying computer problems this week, which do not look like being resolved for a while, so apologies for the lack of posts, and for not posting the promised tutorial on a flat fell seam.  It is coming, just as soon as I finish browbeating this laptop into behaving – or I throw it out of the 3rd story dormer window.  There is no scanned image of the pattern today either, I will add it when I can.  Here is one I found on Etsy, if you’re in the mood to make one after this!  🙂

This is one of those 1960s patterns I’ve had for a while, but not been sure of what to make it in.  Then last week I had a clear out – basically I was looking for something in the fabric cupboard & got distracted with all the pretty fabric I found!  Anyway, in my “leftovers to do something with” box I found a piece of black “batik” cotton.  Originally bought for a pleated skirt years ago, there was enough for “something”.  I put it aside & added to it a few more pieces.  I did think I could do some sort of colour blocking somewhere along the line.

DSC07910-1In the end I decided to stick with the black & find something it would go with.  After raiding the linen box I pulled out this gorgeous black linen.  It is one of those soft, drapey linens, rather than a crisp one.  It hangs beautifully!  I know Belle was worried that this would be too sack-like – I have in the past taken in the seams on 60s dresses for her so there is more waist definition.  But this dress doesn’t need it!

DSC07912-1I used the sewing machine’s “overlock” stitch on this dress.  The linen tends to show bulk though on the right side so I didn’t want anything like a Hong Kong binding, or even a clean finish.  It all needed to stay smooth and simple.  Attaching the yoke to the skirt piece was pretty easy, and to get that point in the centre front all you do is not sew the centre front skirt seam all the way to the top.  Leave the last 1.5cm open, then it’s easier to pivot!

DSC07916-1The centre back seam has the zip.  I chose a centred application here, and as my zip was 5cm shorter than that required I moved it down as far as I could & added a black hook & eye to to the neckline.  I love a neat zip insertion, & horizontal seam on the yoke played ball & lined up well without too much hassle.  It’s all down to pinning well & basting.

I am very pleased with the finished result.  I must see if there is another fabric, or couple of fabrics I can use to make another!  I like the idea of using a stripe, playing with the bias cut cuff.  Then there’s the added bonus of messing with the 4 pieces of the skirt section and those seams….  Piping! a contrast piping along that yoke edge and repeated on the sleeve at the cuff seam..


As this computer is being more than a royal pain in the behind, this is where I will have to leave you for now.  I will be back to update with more information & photographs soon – promise!



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