Spring Green Roses

1954 Simplicity 4282 in floral print cotton

1954 Simplicity 4282 in floral print cotton

I made another dress – this time I made one in my size!  I don’t wear dresses in my normal everyday life, but this is so cute I may change my mind!  Unfortunately I still have ongoing computer issues with my own set-up, so this is another post without the proper start.  I have, however, found a copy on Etsy for you, so you can see the sketch & drawn details.  Simplicity 4282 is for a sundress with optional huge pockets and a short sleeve bolero.  I had intended to make the bolero too, I even found the most perfect matching colour in a gorgeous linen.  But – being unused to inches and yards, I miscalculated and bought too little.  Never mind, it wasn’t to be, so maybe that means there is another “perfect” piece of fabric out there still, just waiting for me to come along & turn it into the bolero for this dress.


The skirt is made of 4 front panels & 4 back panels, with a side zip on the left.  This particular fabric fails the sun-test spectacularly, so it’s lined with cotton lawn.  I love the curved neckline on the bodice, it could so easily have been a boring straight line, but that curve makes it so much more feminine.  The whole bodice is topstitched & to carry that through, I elected to use a welt seam finish on the skirt panels.  I quite like the way it’s turned out, especially with the extra layer of the cotton lining underneath.


Now this is one dress I might just make again for myself to keep.  But I’d need to make some fitting adjustments first!  I was chuffed that the 42Bust fitted me at all, so a small adjustment for next time seems perfectly acceptable.  This version though, will be going into my online shop.

DSC07898-1I do wish my photographer had noticed I always had my hands on my hips for these pictures.  It makes it hard to find something new to sho.!  One thing you will notice – I haven’t handstitched the hem!!  I know, it’s a sacrilege!  I figured that with all that topstitching going on, a machined hem would fit right in.  I mean, it’s not like their machines couldn’t do it…

Do you do any “modern” finish on your vintage makes?


3 responses to “Spring Green Roses

  1. Love it, Anne! And I think that you should definitely wear dresses in everyday life. I was feeling self-conscious on campus when I wanted to wear dresses and everyone else was wearing Nike shorts and T-shirts — and then I thought, “Why should I feel overdressed? Everyone else is just UNDERDRESSED, so there!” Dresses are too much fun.

    I almost never do a machine hem, machine-stitched zippers, or machine-stitched buttonholes — I have too much fun doing those by hand while I’m watching a movie or chatting with friends; so while it takes longer, it doesn’t actually take more time for me (if that makes sense). I have done some machine-stitched hems in the past, though — my machine does a hem stitch that’s pretty nice (yours might too — it’s a weird-looking zigzag).

    That could be very pretty, too, topstitched in a decorative stitch with a contrasting color — and then do the same thing for the hem!

    • I did think of using a contrast colour, but then stuck with the off-white so that I didn’t “offend” anyone’s colour sensibilities! This is the first time I’ve machined a hem on a vintage make – I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for all the other topstitching. I am also looking more seriously at a couple of other patterns in my stash, there might be a keeper in there for me. 🙂

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