Leafy Summer Coat

1968 McCalls 9608 in John Kaldor twill

1968 McCalls 9608 in John Kaldor twill

The summer coat is done!  To be honest, I finished it 2 weeks ago – but had to wait until a certain birthday before I could show it to you all.  The coat was made for one of my best friends for her birthday.  It was a big suprise, she had no idea she’d be getting a handmade coat!  I must apologise for the lack of photos, this friend is not terribly keen on the camera, so I had to be sneaky.  🙂


The length is perfect, my friend is as tall as Belle, so I knew if I tested the length on her that it would be right.  I love the overall look, and may very well be trying to make this again.  The stretch twill is great for extra movement, & the Hong Kong finish on the inside looks fabulous!  I love the buttons & bound buttonholes too, it’s all worked out really well.


The back looks like it was made from 4 panels, but is really only 2.  the central back seam & the long darts give great shaping.  The sleeves could probably have been a teeny bit longer, & I have offered to let them down if she finds them annoyingly short.  The shape is perfect, slightly trumpet-shaped.

We celebrated her birthday with a visit to the American Museum in Bath to see the Kaffe Fassett exhibition.  While is is only a small exhibition, it certainly packs a punch with colour & pattern!  If you’re in the area, it really is worth popping in.


The weather was not in a happy birthday mood, rain, fog & general miserable stuff, but the exhibition definitely made up for the lack of a nice day.  I love the decorations in that big tree, it was such fun!

Ooi, no more photos!  ;)

Ooi, no more photos! 😉

Now I need to get started on the Birdie dress!



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