With so many pretty things to make, how do I choose where to start??

Ok, lets face it, it’s not exactly an earth shattering problem, but it’s a problem for me, nontheless.  I love looking through my pretty vintage patterns, and I love adding to the collection even more!  This week I managed to get my sticky paws on 25 new patterns, I must photograph them and show them off!  🙂  But that means more to make up!  I have identified these cuties, and actually managed to get fabric that I think will make up really well too, but I simply cannot decide where to start.  Unfortunately vintage patterns are not the only items in my “MAKE ME NOW!!” queue.  So these are my ideas…


Late 1950s Simplicity dress

I love the Irish linen I’ve chosen for this dress, I hope there’ll be enough for the full skirt version of this fabulous dress.

Simplicity blouse from the 1940s

Simplicity blouse from the 1940s

I’d bought this pretty rose print cotton ages ago, thinking it would be perfect for a vintage blouse, so I’m paring it with View 1 of this 1940s pattern.

LeRoy pattern from the 1950s

LeRoy pattern from the 1950s

This LeRoy pattern is definitely one of my favourites, and I know the pleated skirt will look fantastic in this brown embroidered satin – again, I just hope there’s enough fabric!  Then again, the sheath would look just as fine.

Two for one!

Two for one!

I’ve loved these patterns for ages, and when I bought this vintage cotton floral print, I immediately thought of the dress on the right, Simplicity 4284, maybe with contrast cuffs & collar.  There is a lot of this fabric, so hopefully with the leftovers I will manage either the skirt or top of Simplicity 4340.  The piece I cannot make in the floral can be made in a solid colour.

1950s Simplicity Blouse

1950s Simplicity Blouse

I loved this cotton print when I bought it, and had in mind a sleeveless blouse.  So I may make version 2, but if there’s enough for sleeves, I see version 3 calling my name!

1940s glamour

1940s glamour

Isn’t this pattern just gorgeous??  I’ve been wanting a suitable fabric to use for the bow neck versions for ages, so when I found this olive floral silk in a charity shop – 5m for £3!!! – I had to have it.  I know it will make this an even more glamourous blouse, if I can get round to making it up!


1950s LeRoy Dress

I know, you’ve seen this before…  And despite how much I love the pattern and the birdie fabric, I still haven’t got round to cutting and making!!  I hope that shows I am busy with other makes, not that I am beset with indecision!  🙂

I must make something, I must make something..  I must START something.

Please say I’m not alone in this.



13 responses to “With so many pretty things to make, how do I choose where to start??

  1. I’m always waffling on what the heck to start next when I’m sewing for myself – unless I sorely need something that’s not currently in my closet – but when the DDs need or want things, it makes the jumping in a lot easier for me! I do hope you start with the first or 3rd project – the fabrics are divine.

    • You know, I’m thinking the 3rd may be shouting a little louder than the others. Only one problem though, I checked the pattern envelope contents this morning – only to find the full pleated skirt pieces are missing. 😦 I guess that means the sheath will be made, no matter how much fabric I have!

      • Haha, I could, but I don’t really wont to for this right now! Anyway, there’s not enough fabric. I have cut the straight skirt, with a few cms spare on the end of the piece. Stay tuned for the finished dress! 🙂

  2. Those patterns are just mouth-watering! I love everything, but maybe the last one even a little bit more. Maybe it’s time for the birdies??

    • BIrdies! I do love that fabric! Maybe they shout louder than the brown embroidered fabric.. Nope, all clamoring at once. They all want to be first! 🙂

  3. You are most certainly not alone, I can’t decide what should pop to the top of my sewing queue. Love your patterns and fabric choices, I’d go for the sleeveless blouse 🙂

  4. I feel exactly as indecisive – the more patterns I accumulate the more time it takes me to know what to sew next. I like both the LeRoy patterns esp the last one, and would love to see it made up in that pretty birdie fabric!

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