A quick make to get me started

The answer to the previous post’s question, “Where do I start?”is – with something that isn’t even on the list!  I just felt the need to make a vintage pattern again, and all of those pretty dress patterns were shouting equally loudly to be considered first.  There was a piece of blue & white poly satin on top of the “make me now” pile on my sewing table that I’d bought a week ago.  It was waiting for a space in the stash-box.  Now it doesn’t need that space!

1970s Maudella

1970s Maudella 5743

This was one of the patterns I’d bought from Replay Vintage in Tewksbury back in March.  I thought the blouse was cool, and easily wearable today.  That piece of blue & white satin was destined for this pattern.  I had just enough, perfect.

1970s Maudella in blue satin

1970s Maudella in blue satin

I used French seams throughout & double turned the hem to hide all raw edges.  Then I did something I usually don’t see the point in doing.  I hand stitched the zip in the back seam.  I know, many people do it – but I feel if you don’t want to see stitching, use an invisible zip.  However – they didn’t have invisible zips in the seventies.  The fabric is too delicate for machine stitching, so it really was the only option.  I found it a surprisingly relaxing experience.  The armholes are finished with bias strips of the same fabric, hand stitched in place.


It was a quick pattern to make up, even with the French seams & hand stitched zip.  I cut it in the morning & photographed it that afternoon.  I really like the ties on this blouse, I’m gong to keep it in mind for the next time I draft something with ties!  The only thing that didn’t work was the height – the pattern envelope illustration shows the ties forming a high collar – this doesn’t happen & I’m not sure it’s just because of the fabric choice.  Regardless, I like the way it’s worked out.

Hand stitched zip in the centre back seam

Hand stitched zip in the centre back seam

I love how this looks with Belle’s pistachio 50s wiggle skirt, it just goes to show you really can mix your fashion decades!  🙂



While Belle does like this top very much, it’s just a little on the small side for her wide shoulders, so it will be available in my Etsy shop shortly.


As far as the choice of all those lovely dresses goes, I took the plunge this morning and cut out the LeRoy dress in the bronze (not brown after all) floral satin.  I had really wanted to make the full skirted version with cummerband, but the person who owned that pattern before me hadn’t put those pattern pieces back in the envelope after last using them.  it was so disappointing!  I could have drafted a new skirt, but after checking the fabric requirements of the straight skirt version I had the choice taken out of my hands.  I had mere centimetres left over but I’m excited to get started on it tomorrow.  Once it’s made, I’ll just need someone as awesome as the dress will be to model it for me!  🙂



8 responses to “A quick make to get me started

    • I don’t usually have an issue with zips, but I do like the way this turned out – I may actually do it again someday! 🙂

  1. Beautiful top! I really like the fabric too. So neat when you can take a vintage pattern and make something so wearable today!

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