vintage pattern goodies for sale

I have a confession.  I have more vintage patterns than I can currently store safely and properly!  I snapped up a large, and I mean LARGE box of vintage patterns from the fourties to the nineties a couple of weeks ago and have been slowly sifting though them all, trying to decide which are definitely to keep and which I can bear to part with.  This has been a hard job!  They are all gorgeous and special in their own way, but there is really a limit to what I can keep right now and how many coat patterns of a similar style do I realistically need to keep??

So, with that thought firmly in mind, I have identified 35 patterns, so far, that I can sell.  Here are 8.  They are in my Etsy shop with full details and costs.  If you’d prefer not to buy via Etsy, let me know by email or tweet and we can make an arrangement.

Vintage patterns for sale

Vintage patterns for sale

  1.  1949 Simplicity 2949 Topper/Coat, Bust 34, used & complete.  £7  SOLD
  2. 1951 McCall’s 8604 Dress, Bust 42, UNCUT, FACTORY FOLDED.  £8   SOLD
  3. 1950s Style 1001 Coat, Bust 36, UNCUT, FACTORY FOLDED.  £16
  4. 1950s Style Print 629 Blouses, Bust 36, UNCUT, FACTORY FOLDED.  £16.
  5. 1956 McCall’s 3902 Nightgown, Bust 36, Used & complete.  £5.
  6. 1950s Simplicity 2312 Robe, size Large, used & complete.  £5    SOLD
  7. late 1950s early 1960s Simplicity 3908 Sundress & jacket, Bust 36, used & complete.  £5    SOLD
  8. 1960s Vogue 6345 Skirt suit, Bust 34, used, blouse front missing.  £5    SOLD

Also added are these two

patterns for sale

patterns for sale

9.  1960s Vogue 4286 Coat, Bust 36, UNCUT, FACTORY FOLDED.  £20   SOLD

10.  1960s McCall’s 6785 Skirt suit, Bust 35, Used & complete.  £5

I’ve added these three now too!

3 Vogues from the 1960s

3 Vogues from the 1960s

11.  1960s Vogue 6052 Chesterfield Coat, Bust 36, UNCUT, FACTORY FOLDED.  £20  SOLD

12.  1960s Vogue Special Design 6667 Dress and Cape, Bust 36, dress used & complete, cape unused.  £7  SOLD

13.  1960s Vogue Special Design 4300 Skirt, Jacket & Blouse, Bust 36, used & complete.  £7.

For postage costs the following applies.  Each pattern will be individually  packaged in a plastic envelope, surrounded by card and placed into a padded envelope.

To the UK, 1st class post costs £2.00

To Australia & New Zealand airmail costs £5.00

To Europe airmail costs £4.00

To the rest of the world the cost is £5.00.

If you want more than one pattern, the postage will go up, but I’ll have to check with the Post Office before confirming the cost, it all depends on weight and envelope size.

I hope you can help me out making more room for the patterns that will be left.  There are more to list, it takes a while to get them all checked and photographed!


11 responses to “vintage pattern goodies for sale

      • I’m so stoked about these patterns. I have the fabric good to go for the coat, which is going to be a huge project. Obviously I’ll need to grade the pattern, but I’ve never made a coat before so am really looking forwards to making something beautiful. Thank you for sharing your bounty!

  1. Those are fabulous! You should post them in the Vintage Patterns Bazaar group on Facebook, too. Oh, and if you want to feel better about having too many patterns, check out my inventory as of right now: — and those are just the ones I’m keeping! I’ve still got a few boxes to inventory, and 200 sitting in my living room waiting to be sold! It’s really kind of insane. But I use them all the time for more than just sewing (illustrations, ideas, scan the covers for presentations for school, use them as “flashcards” to test myself on style dates, etc), so I feel (slightly) justified.

    • Your collection is absolutely fabulous!!! Wow, I wish I had space to keep every single one… One day when we’ve moved and I have a proper dedicated sewing room I’ll be keeping everything! 🙂

  2. I know how you gals feel. I’ve got more patterns than I’ll ever make, but you never know when they’ll come in handy. I just got cast in a play set in 1931 and am using 3 different vintage patterns one 1930s, two 1940s, to get the look the director wants. Then I get to keep it so I can swing dance in it. I do that too, along with my vintage sewing! I’ll make sure to tweet!

    ~ Tam Francis ~

    • Oh definitely, and I just know that after I sell these I’ll decide I really should have made some up first, but that’s life! 🙂 Good luck with your play!

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