An Elegant Blouse

1950s Advance 9815

1950s Advance 9815

I bought this great pattern from Eleanor Merriwether on Etsy last month, and once it arrived, I knew I had to make it up.  It has jumped the long queue of dresses and other blouses in my “make me now” pile, mostly because it came with a parcel from a friend who supplied the fabric!  She sent me this white cotton with blue pinspots, & I really wanted to use it for this pattern.

1950s Advance 9815 in white cotton pinspot

1950s Advance 9815 in white cotton pinspot

The pattern was in great condition, used but whole.  I decided to make the 3/4 sleeve version, because I had enough fabric!  So often my choices are made for me because of lack of fabric.  Or pattern pieces.  It was a quick pattern to make.  There are no darts, tucks at the waist create the shape.  It looks fabulous tucked into a high waisted wiggle skirt!

I chose pale blue buttons to compliment the spots instead of white ones.  I had hoped to find enough suitable buttons in my stash, but the only ones that there were enough of came from Husband’s John Rocha shirts.  In the local haberdashery we started a bit of a debate about the colours for the buttons.  While I was picking the right size & shade, another customer suggested I stick to white.  She felt the blue stood out too much.  I really didn’t feel that way & eventually went with my gut, but what do you think? Do the blue stand out too much or do they give this blouse that little extra “oompfh”?

The details

The details

I love the shaped cuff, I have to confess that this was the main reason why I wanted to make the longer sleeved version of the blouse!  I interfaced the cuffs with a crisp cotton fusible, while keeping a softer interfacing on the collar and fronts.  This means the front of the blouse is maleable, while the cuffs stay nice and sharp.


I used flat fell seams throughout, they give a great finish and the topstitching helps the blouse to feel less formal.  I can see it looking just as fabulous with a pair of jeans or cropped trousers as it does with this wiggle skirt.  The blouse will be in my Etsy shop tomorrow.  It is made for a bust 34″ or 83cm and has a decent amount of ease.  The blouse is roomy enough for Belle to feel that it may be a little too big for her, so someone with measurements a little larger than the envelope sizes should still be able to fit into it.


I am working on another vintage pattern that jumped the “make me now” queue!  A Simplicity shorts pattern from 1949 caught my eye, also on Etsy – SloCrafty (don’t let the other half know how much I spend there!!!) and Belle was very keen to have a pair for the summer.  As she is now on her summer holidays, I recon it’s about time to make them quickly!  I toiled the pattern today and only have a minor adjustment at the waist to make, so tomorrow they get made!  Photos soon, promise!


10 responses to “An Elegant Blouse

  1. Hello this is a lovely blouse – those buttons are so charming. I found your blog via Pinterest, via Kollbora. Did you make the skirt? May I be nosy enough to ask if you did, what pattern did you use? It fits you so well and is just fab. Thanks!

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