Going on an Elephant Safari

New York Gold Seal Pattern 1581 in elephant print cotton

New York Gold Seal Pattern 1581 in elephant print cotton

I finished another vintage boy’s shirt this week.  It’s the same pattern that I used for the plaid Irish linen shirts made earlier in the year and will also be a gift.  I found the fabric, elephand print cotton (!!) at The Fancy Silk store in Birmingham at the beginning of July & had to have it!  The colours are quite muted but hopefully will suit the little fellow.

It’s such a quick pattern to make, but I made one very large mistake.  I broke my cardinal rule never to sew when tried, hungry, cross or full of headache.  A headache had been brewing during the day & I’d ploughed on, but the crux came when I was happily sewing the buttons on in a darkened room.  I was sewing them on the right side for a girl’s shirt, not a boy’s shirt!!  Of course, by this time I’d already made the buttonholes!  Man was I cross with myself.  That’s when I gave in & took myself & some medication off to bed.  I can’t change it now so I just hope the little man won’t get too confused that this shirt buttons differently to his others.

DSC09614-1I pinked the seam allowances this time as the cotton was quite soft, bound the sleeve hem with a strip of hand stitched self bias and pinked the long edges of the facings.  The buttons are little wooden ones from the stash.  I still really wish the little dungaree pattern pieces had survived, I’ve not had much luck finding replacements in the right size.  So this will be heading off in the mail next week & will have to wait a few months until the recipient is the right size, but that’s another project done! 🙂



Please don’t ask what’s next, I cannot for the life of me decide!  It’ll be pot luck so you’ll have to check back.


One response to “Going on an Elephant Safari

  1. This is so cute! I love the fabric, and it looks like it’ll be perfect for a little boy to romp about in. (I’m sure he won’t notice the buttons a bit!) Good work!

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