A Jacket for Belle

Late 50s, early 60s Butterick 9563

Late 50s, early 60s Butterick 9563

So this is it, Belle’s cropped, portrait collar jacket. Butterick 9563 dates from the late 50s or early 60s & has proven popular! I’ve made the jacket 4 times now! This one though, is not for sale. I found the fabric, a cotton canvas, at the NEC back in March on the Doughty‘s stand. They have a large selection of ex-Paul Smith fabrics & this piece was accompanied by a couple of shirt weight cottons – either for me or for the other half!

Butterick 9563 in ex-Paul Smith cotton

Butterick 9563 in ex-Paul Smith cotton

As it was for her she got to make some design decisions. She picked the big baroque style buttons instead of some more in keeping vintage black buttons, but all came from the stash so at least I didn’t need to buy anything. She also suggested the colour scheme for the Hong Kong finish inside. I’d offered the cerise pink initially, but only had 3m of the stuff. I couldn’t remember where I’d got it, so matching it would have been nigh on impossible. Belle emptied my bindings box & found a bit of yellow, pale pink & lilac. What about mixing them up? Hmm… What the heck – ok!

Design decisions!

Design decisions!

I really love this pattern, fitted at the waist with that lovely big collar accentuating the shoulders.  It’s not a hard one to make up either, once you’ve got up off the floor after sewing 10 darts…  Finishing the seams with the bias binding was what took all the time.  If you used a different seam finish this could be made in an afternoon.


I used a fine sheer polyester fusible interfacing on the facings and the collar, both the upper & lower collar.  I didn’t want either to become too heavy with a canvas & the fabric has enough body.


So another successful make, I haven’t decided what my next item will be – there is still that pile of fabric & patterns that I blogged about earlier in the year.  I think so far I have only managed to make two of them!!  Nevermind, I’ll get there in the end.  🙂


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