Found – Black Diamonds

Butterick 5506

Butterick 5506

It looks like I’m finally going to be making a vintage dress up for Belle’s sister!  I think she needs to be named now, so this is a dress for Megan.  I have over the years been unsuccessful in persuading her that she is capable of wearing vintage or retro styles, but this year the penny seems to have dropped.  She still loves draped styles, she’s and All Saints girl without the All Saints budget!  I made her accompany me to the sewing bloggers meet-up in Birmingham this Saturday & arrived armed with three 60s patterns I thought she’d look great in.  To my surprise, while telling her the silhouette was “in”, she said she liked one of them & wouldn’t mind looking for fabric for it!  Whoop!!  🙂

1960s Butterick 5506

1960s Butterick 5506

This is the one we’re making – Butterick 5506 view A (it is Autumn afterall).  There is no date printed on the envelope or on the instructions, but Vintage Patterns Wiki mentions it was featured in a catalogue in 1969.  I love the section seams and the slit in the front neckline.  Although the sketch shows the dress to finish a decent amount above the knee, the finished length is 100cm.  Even on me that’s below the knee!!  Megan has short legs, so I’m going to have to take out 20cm (!!!) to get it anywhere near the shown length.  I imagine there will need to be bust adjustments made too, so I need to get on & toile this thing.

I bet you’re wondering what the fabric will be..  Well, we did find something during the meet-up.  While browsing Fancy Silk store for washed silk (has anyone bought any of this luxurious stuff?) we came across a black diamond jacquard silk.  It has a similar sort of body to it as dupion, possibly a bit stiffer.  It’s gorgeous & Megan fell in love with it immediately.  I’ll line the whole dress with some black haboutai from the stash & possibly bind all the seams of the jacquard too.  Although I might break out the overlocker.  This stuff frays like mad!


The diamond shapes are just under 1cm wide, they'll catch the light beautifully!

The diamond shapes are just under 1cm wide, they’ll catch the light beautifully!

I got other fabrics too, but they’re not destined for vintage makes – yet…  I hope to get started on the toile for this dress today, Megan might be popping home towards the end of this week for a couple of days & I need to have an idea of just how many alterations we’ll need on this pattern.  I’m really excited to get it done! 🙂


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