Butterflies in the jungle

Retro Vogue 7757 in butterfly print polyester satin

Retro Vogue 7757 in butterfly print polyester satin

So – it’s been a while!  You’d be forgiven if you’d thought I have forsaken this blog, but really things just got completely out of control in December.  This shirt has now become my Jungle January offering,  simply because it’s taken that long to get to finish,  and the print works!

Megan was offered this polyester satin butterfly print way back when I had bought it from Evie of Pendle Stitches.  I’d had a feeling it was right up her street.   The minute she saw it she knew what she wanted.  A big, baggy, oversized shirt with big armholes, collar & long sleeves with cuffs.  Funnily enough, I happened to have the perfect pattern in my vintage & retro stash.

1990s Vogue 7757

1990s Vogue 7757

Now here comes the “omg” bit. When I was her age, exactly her age, I made various versions of this pattern, in the same size I’m making for her!! The pattern is Vogue 7757  from 1991 or 92. It has had a good innings, & I can’t quite believe I have made it up for my daughter,  kind of surreal.


I didn’t make a toile, figuring it was so loose there were hardly going to be that many issues with it.  I used French seams throughout.  Although the polyester satin frayed quite badly,  I was able to get a neat enough finish.  Megan chose the buttons, mother of pearl shell buttons from my stash.  It goes together really easily and quickly, so if you’re looking for an oversized shirt you would do well with this.  It’s also good if you’re not keen on inserting sleeves – blouse style.


Megan is really happy with the result, I have to admit it wasn’t what I thought she’d go for, but maybe winter is just right for something like this, she can wear a vest top under it for warm layers and her big jumpers over the top.  Thank you to Evie for shedding this fabric from your stash, and, of course, to Anne from Petty Grievances for the ever popular Jungle January!


I probably ought to have given the shirt a better press before photographing it!!



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