Hi everyone, my name is Anne, & I have to confess to now being a vintage dress pattern addict, in addition to being a fabric addict.  This blog is where I’ll be keeping track of all the oh-so-pretty things I’ll make with the fabulous vintage patterns I get my sticky little paws on!  I’m constantly on the hunt, & have even persuaded a friend who lives (what feels like) 10 000 miles away to assist me in my addiction.

I remember as a kid browsing through my mother’s dress patterns & loving the fullskirted, beautifully patterned dresses from the 50s.  My own collection now includes her old patterns and is constantly growing.  It stretches from the 1930s though to some dodgy purchases from the 1980s & 90s.  I cannot admit to being a vintage know-it-all, I follow the instructions in the “primers” and have a couple of vintage sewing books, just to ensure I am using the correct techniques, but I am not above throwing something modern in, if it’s for the better.

You can see what I’ve made & am selling on Etsy.

Hope you like the photos & creations as much as I do!


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